RF Scott Imagery started with a self-made website and a Nikon D80 that a co-worker was willing to indefinitely loan. It is a culmination of years collaborating on design and photo-based imagery to create affordable marketing resources for other creatives. Eventually deciding to consolidate my services under one brand, I created RF Scott Imagery.

As an actor and occasional model, photographer and designer, I have experienced first-hand the marketing struggles that are born from deciding to pursue our passion as a business. I want to share what I've learned and continue learning on behalf of the artists I can help with my skills. I believe art is a community effort and artists need to support one another. RF Scott Imagery is my way of closing the circle, fueling art with art and helping make it known what our community has to offer. And I couldn't be more excited about it!

Experience with Web Design and Marketing

I graduated a top university in civil engineering with work in the corporate market in DC and Boulder, CO including technical report writing and project management. I've taken courses in technical writing, creative writing, writing for web, web-design classes and courses in film and marketing.

Through my acting career I've worked with several acting coaches including Chris Thatcher and Benjy Dobrin in Colorado, and taken Krista Gano's 'Business of Acting' course. I frequently research marketing principals for actors and businesses, specifically through web and social media in order to stay up to date on current practices. I often share these resources on the RF Scott Imagery Facebook page.

My family has always run its own businesses successfully so I learned from the best. Now a small business owner myself, I aim to stay current with the best tools to bring a new or existing business the best marketing tools for their budget.


I frequently produce photo projects intended to create a fun atmosphere for talented individuals to get together and create. These collaborative efforts focus around a theme of some kind, inspired by…anything! Feel free to let me know if you have an idea and/or are a designer, make-up or hair artist, set designer or any other type of creative -let's talk about creating something amazing!


I am available for photo, web or graphic work upon request. Rates change depending on the service required but are also flexible to beget needs and requirements.

I prefer to be contacted via email: risa.scott@gmail.com

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